New Zealand has a whole array of camping locations. The following are the more popular types of public camping sites, as well as rules and regulations.

Holiday Parks and Campgrounds

Holiday Parks and Campgrounds are essentially commercial operations intended to offer a well-equipped and safe camping ambiance. These can be in the form of powered/unpowered motorhome or van sites, tent sites, and even cabins. They can be available from Auckland to Tauranga.

Such sites are in the form of a specific patch of meadow or a random spot of your choice where you can pitch a tent, or park a van, the price of which includes your use of all the facilities provided at the camp ground. The cost is in the range of NZD$10 to $40 for a site.

DOC or Department-of-Conservation-Campsites

These campsites are in the form of about 250 public camping locations that are available on conservation land spread all over New Zealand. Such sites are particularly attractive to campers from Auckland to Tauranga, as these are to be found in areas that have spectacular scenic regions. Caravans, motorhomes and tents are very welcome on DOCs, although the facilities available tend to be basic. All of these are available for a reasonable fee, and are at times free. DOC campsites come in three grades, with the cost varying accordingly, from NZD$0 to $19 for a night.

Freedom Camping Sites

There are regions where campers can pitch their tent, or park their caravan/motorhome to camp overnight, free of cost. The website Camping Our Way can provide them with information on free camping locations. You can also enquire at any local information centres or DCO offices for the necessary information concerning sites where you can camp for free. However, such sites might not provide campers with any facilities to speak of.