InterCity Busses

There are many ways to experience New Zealand, either by busses, ferries, cruise ships plane or trains. However the most common option would be traveling by buses so as to get a view of the amazing countryside.

Travel with Intercity busses

For an enjoyable bus service, traveling with InterCity, a company operating a fleet of modern and comfortable buses, including the Newman coach line which is but one arm of the Intercity group might be the best option. They offer services across new Zealand with over 600 destinations nationwide. It is a great way to get around New Zealand, which is not so big, and therefore easy to cover in a short time.

Some of the reasons why InterCity is well preferred include:

  • InterCity is the widest bus network in New Zealand
  • Cancellation is allowed for up to 2 hours before departure
  • Free WiFi on board, nice to have when playing free online pokies
  • Easy online booking service
  • Eco-friendly busses
  • Offers discount for travelers age 60+

Passengers can choose between the InterCity Flexi-Pass and InterCity Travel-Pass, and also options for tours and ferries to explore New Zealand. Their fast selling online tickets starts at one dollar, so it is important to buy as quick as possible. Remember to also make reservations for airport pick up and drop off, if that is relevant for the trip.

Booking made easy

Travel-Pass and Flexi-Pass are transport passes issued to passengers to manage their booking. Passengers can create their own journeys, and add activities they want, after logging onto the company’s website. They are both valid for one year. With the Flexi-Pass people can go where they want in their own time, unlike Travel-Pass, which is preplanned and fixed for a particular route.

It is important for Tourists and Visitors to enquire about travel routes, prices and even discounts before hopping on the bus.

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